"TRain hard, fight hard"

HANDS OF STEEL ACADEMY is a Family owned and family oriented gym in Cedar Hill, Texas committed to improving the health and fitness of everyone in the community! Our focus at HANDS OF STEEL ACADEMY is building not only physical strength, but also mental strength and confidence in all of our childeren, athletes, and clients that can be used both in and out of the gym. we are more than a gym. we are a family.

we are the "fighters factory" - step in, and walk out a fighter. or just train like one!

our programs are made to prepare those who want a career in boxing, mma, and fitness, a path to follow and succeed.

HANDS OF STEEL ACADEMY is also home to many children that participate in our after-school program and kids mma/little tigers classes. we not only want to make our children "bully-proof," but we teach our children the discipline and attributes of a true martial artist.