our staff here at HANDS OF STEEL ACADEMY work hard to bring you the best fitness and martial arts experience in texas. all of our coaches have years of martial arts experience under their belts and our personal trainers are all professionally certified. We're in it to change lives.

MEEt your coaches

Eddie Posas- HANDS OF STEEL ACADEMY's original Founder and Grand-Master Martial Arts instructor, started his martial arts training back in 1980 when he was 16 years old. His first discipline was Kenpo Karate in Irving where he lived at the time. Master Rick Fowler was his first instructor in Kenpo. He trained and studied under Master Fowler for 8 years. He then was introduced to Kali, a Filipino Martial art trough master Fowler who then was cross-training in Kali through world renowned and Bruce Lee's partner, student, and friend: Danny Inosanto. Mr.P (The name his students call him) also cross trained in Muah-thai, Arnis, Silat, Kick-Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, American CQC, Kenpo, and Jui-jitsu. Mr. Posas holds 5 black belts in multiple arts and was a serious competitor in the Karate circuit through-out Texas. He currently trains amateur and pro MMA fighters. He owned one of DFW's largest and most successful dojos (Manos De Fierro Combative Arts, now passed down to his children and relocated, it is MDF FIGHT CLUB) He has 5 children which are all Martial Artist and are ranked under him.

Notable people he has trained and were once affiliated with include: UFC Hall of Fame Fighter, Chuck Liddell. 

Gabby Posas-Personal Trainer/Adult and children's Martial Arts instructor/Co-owner of HANDS OF STEEL ACADEMY, is a skilled martial artist with more than 13 years of Martial Arts under her belt. Her training includes boxing, kick-boxing, Jui-jitsu, Kenpo Karate, American CQC, Filipino Arnis, and self-defense. Gabby is certified personal trainer under ACE. She currently hold a green belt and is still in training to receive her Black belt under her father Mr.P. She holds Martial Arts very close to her heart, she says its the reason she is who she is today and why she succeeds in her life. Her goal is to instill the traditional values of Martial arts into all her trainees, and keep her father's dream and the heart of a Martial Artist alive in our society today.

Eduardo Posas- Adult and children's Martial Arts instructor/Professional and amateur Fighters Coach/Owner of HANDS OF STEEL ACADEMY, is a experienced Martial artist and Black belt under his Father Mr.P. He has more than 18 years of martial arts training. He was given the dojo (Manos De Fierro Combative Arts) from his father Eddie Posas. He renamed and relocated the dojo, now called MDF FIGHT CLUB. He aspires to continue his fathers dream and make HANDS OF STEEL ACADEMY the best dojo/gym in Texas. 

Kyle Redd-MMA coach, has been involved in the combative sport industry since the age of 10. He Started training himself at the age of 18. Has trained in the arts of Muai Thai, Dutch style kickboxing, traditional Boxing, Taekwondo ,wrestling, and BJJ (blue belt). He got involved in MMA because of his oldest brother who competed on some of the sports biggest stages. At first he was just doing it because his brother did but the more he got involved in the sport the more he fell in love with it! Now MMA is his life and has dedicated his life to becoming one of the best the sport has to offer.